Future of Observability

In our opinion context-awareness is at the core of an effective Observability framework.

Data-science in general and machine-learning in particular has the capability to handle large volume of data and the potential to unravel unpredictable behaviours; and hence could perform a strategic role in Observability. Machine Learning could essentially be at the forefront of processing the Observability data so that the “What?” question can be answered. The problem is the lack of training data to train the models, which at the moment only web scale companies have.

There is an increasing consensus among the technology leaders that machine learning could be a good way forward to fully comprehend extremely complex IT stacks that are getting more distributed with containers, serverless functions, edge computing and IoT.

At a minimum level, machine learning can make the Observability data more useful for humans. At present, the use of machine learning for Observability is at very early stages and it is going to take a long time before it becomes the norm.

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